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Turning over to a vegetarian life.

Educational Management Education

Thus, the TIC? s can be incorporated in the school as support for communication enters the educators of the school, parents, specialists, members of the community and other organizations; the creation of the entrance of information and exchange of experiences, that give elements that help in the taking of decisions; the development of related innovative […]


(ibid, 20) Still standing out the singular aspects of listening in the clinic, Levy speaks that: The clinical boarding has only felt in a mutually accepted relation, with all the acasos, the doubts and uncertainties that it holds. It justifies itself and is only possible because the physician is, in certain way, desired, waited, waited; […]

Lost Symbol

The power of the mind the book the Lost Symbol, of Dan Brown, Publishing company Sextant, 489 pages, multiplies important symbolic knowledge for that they desire to unmask the description-cultural-religious work of the humanity. The workmanship already starts with an epigraph that evokes the search for the learning: ' ' To live in the world […]

We Are What We Eat

Did you know that practically all our health depends on what we eat? What one of the secrets of youth is what you eat? What the quality of your thoughts and feelings is intimately linked with your diet?. Find out here as. Our physical health and food. We are physically built by millions of cells, […]