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Educational Management Education

Posted on | August 29, 2013 | Comments Off on Educational Management Education

Thus, the TIC? s can be incorporated in the school as support for communication enters the educators of the school, parents, specialists, members of the community and other organizations; the creation of the entrance of information and exchange of experiences, that give elements that help in the taking of decisions; the development of related innovative projects with the administrative and pedagogical management; the representation of the knowledge in construction for the pupils and respective learning. Therefore, we must be constantly intent in the process of teach-learning to have an educational system of quality, using the TIC? s in this process and the participativa pertaining to school management, articulating the dimensions technician-administrative and pedagogical, focando in the objective greater of the education: fortifying of the paper of the direction in the management of the TIC? s and the search of conditions for its use in the teach-learning process.


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