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Lost Symbol

Posted on | August 15, 2013 | Comments Off on Lost Symbol

The power of the mind the book the Lost Symbol, of Dan Brown, Publishing company Sextant, 489 pages, multiplies important symbolic knowledge for that they desire to unmask the description-cultural-religious work of the humanity. The workmanship already starts with an epigraph that evokes the search for the learning: ' ' To live in the world without taking conscience of the meaning of the world is as to become vacant for an immense library without touching livros' ' (The Private Teachings of All the Times). An excellent question in the fiction romance indicates that the organizations, the rituals, the scientific information, the enclosed works of art and monuments in the text exist in fact, what represents an enormous available cultural fund to all the readers. In history, a phrase of Einstein invokes the misticismo: ' ' What we are impenetrable for he exists in fact. For backwards of the secrets of the nature, it has something subtle, unattachable and inexplicable. The veneration to this force that is beyond everything what we can understand is mine religio' '.

The life of Robert Langdon if shows full of adventures, trips and persecutions, different good of the reality of the too much professors, who in its majority if restrict to an existence of reading, writing and lesson, therefore imprisoned to the theoretical universe of knowing, many times without time and conditions to live deeply rich experiences. In the plot, Langdon professor is ' ' intimado' ' for the Francomaon Peter Solomon to give a lecture in the Capitlio of the United States of America, but he discovers when arriving that if he deals with a dangerous trap that involves sequestrations, tortures, ambitions, rituals, persecutions, deaths, secrets, symbologies. Everything this covers the most significant points of Washington, the American capital. In search to badly find and to save Solomon of the hands of akh, Langdon counts on Katherine, sister of Peter, scientist whom the notica investigates private, a science that studies the power of the mind human being in the real world.


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