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Cmap Methodology

Posted on | October 18, 2017 | Comments Off on Cmap Methodology

There is a very interesting document on the web site of Mind Manager related to the form as Webex ( company has significantly improved its sales processes through the use of the technique of concept maps and its implementation through the use of Mind Manager.Some of the relevant issues in this document: significant reduction in the sales cycle from months, in some situations, to improving the process of tracking days after sales increase of the index of business shut down by quarter improvement in the quality of the understanding of the customer requirements implementation of techniques of sale collaborative methodology to develop more productive meetings development of methodology to express ideas better methodology to organize unstructured information highly effective methodology for planning training sessions and training methodology to present proposals and ideas to clients in a way very well structured development methodologies for a collaborative sales with more active participation by the customer to develop a structure of concrete and effective communication to think graphically. This helps to better visualize ideas and communicate more effectively. Today there are software tools to build concept maps, there are free use (free) and commercial. The two that we have used inside our company are Cmap (widely used tool at the academic level, it can be downloaded in) and Mind Manager, an excellent tool that we use for processes of gathering information, analysis of situations, generation of ideas and communication sessions. You can consult your scope on maps conceptualescorresponden to a technique whereby the graphic expression is used to represent knowledge in a specific topic, using some basic rules for writing and reading. A conceptual map uses two key elements: the nodes, each of which represents a concept and the joints between each of the concepts that represent relationships between different concepts. More details on the definition of Conceptual map here graphic structuring of ideas and concepts can help generate a dynamic in the work of analysis and much more productive communication that make it in the traditional way.


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