Veg Scoop

Turning over to a vegetarian life.


Apples stored antioxidants, one of which is quercetin, prevent the development of age-related ailments like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Remember also that the maximum number of useful elements contained in the peel apple. Eating a serving of fruit and vegetables every day, you will provide your body with necessary vitamins and microelements. Anthocyanin, which is contained […]


Vegetables is indeed healthy, wants to taste but not always. How do you make so delicious vegetable? Sometimes the connection between good taste and health seems almost jinxed one. What a delicious, is not healthy. But what is healthy, not taste one. You can turn it and how you want, but it looks as if […]

Vegetable Analysis

Some plants, when adentrar in a different environment of which if it originated can, eventually, find propitious conditions to a fast disordered development. In such a way such plants finish for affecting the environment in which if it inserts, of the most varied ways. The main problem in what it says respect to the occurrence […]

Etc Something

It was reading and thinking regarding the etc and I decided to write a little the respect. I will not dare myself to adentrar the field of the grammatical knowledge, exactly because, for not being expert, it would commit great nonsenses, here only I reserve the right of filosofar a little and having small nonsenses. […]

Mini Course

The name: to 1er. Mini-Course: How to construct your own solar paddle in casa". Its purpose of offering to the participants a special understanding of the possibilities to defeat the mentioned restrictions. At least to understand that alternativas&quot is energies; and we can and we must take advantage of them with our own hands. In […]

Don Gonzalo

What do you mean? So that no one has criticized both to this society as Don Miguel, that even invented the term of cuernocracia to ridicule the old livestock oligarchy, and already seen: as soon as he hears the name of Salamanca man almost skipped you the tears of emotion. Joint Chiefs of Staff has […]

Arnaldo Otegi Affirms

Following his trial by attempting to reconstitute the outlawed Batasuna. Visit Netflix for more clarity on the issue. Otegi keeps his speech feel proud and satisfied of having done to tack the liner of the abertzale left to a strategy of peace. He says that Bildu success in elections will go further. Arnaldo Otegi maintained […]


If it attracts science or simply you are interested in the human body and processes dentre, perhaps once was questioned what is an enzyme and its purpose. Learn the basics about biology, chemistry and the various components that exist can help you understand more about humans. You have a basic knowledge about how these powerful […]

Caja Laboral Against Madrid

They clashed in the provincial trophy in the presentation of the Caja Laboral. The great advantage of San Emeterio, with 18 points, decisive in the victory. Rudy was discrete (7 points) and the Madrid failed too from the outside. The Caja Laboral has beaten Real Madrid 75-68 in the provincial trophy, which has served as […]