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Turning over to a vegetarian life.

New York City Parade

Year more bittersweet parade took place in 1963 since even a week of the assassination of President Kennedy had not been fulfilled, and the country was still convicted. But it turned out to not to disappoint millions of children. In 1971, the wind was so unbearable that they had to cancel the balloons. Television viewers […]

Labial Herpes Sores

Cold sores is caused by viruses herpes simplex type 1 generally, which is transmitted by contact, as through kissing or objects contaminated as razors, towels and other items to share. In general, a cold headache passes through five phases are: tingling, blister, drain, formation of scabs, healing is the most contagious phase when the ampoule […]

Who is the Father?

Not if turbe your heart, nor if intimidates. You heard that said I you: I go, and I will come back you. You loved if me, you would be glad yourselves of that I go for the Father; because the Father is bigger of what I. Said I you now, before he happens, so that, […]

Mary Jane

Peter smiled. It liked girls who were not nor pro its weight there, and ate what they wanted, without fear if to another person it went to judge for its plate. The waiter left there and Mary decided to justify itself: – I go to pay my part, not if he worries, is that – […]