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Labial Herpes Sores

Posted on | December 10, 2012 | Comments Off on Labial Herpes Sores

Cold sores is caused by viruses herpes simplex type 1 generally, which is transmitted by contact, as through kissing or objects contaminated as razors, towels and other items to share. In general, a cold headache passes through five phases are: tingling, blister, drain, formation of scabs, healing is the most contagious phase when the ampoule breaks and the fluid drained. The first symptoms usually appear one or two weeks after contact with an infected person. The virus can lie dormant and then return. The duration of a blister sores are generally 6 to 12 days. Symptoms include: Comezonsensacion of ardorAumento of sensitivity u hormigueoAmpollas (vesicles) small red and painful around the lips, mouth, which contains a liquid clear yellow amarillentocostras that fall revealing the appearance of skin color rosafiebre mild (occasional) Labial Herpes home remedies: remedy for cold sores # 1: apply ice directly or a plastic bag filled with ice in the first tingling of a cold headache to reduce inflammation.

Remedy for cold sores # 2: apply directly to fire an infusion of black tea or two bags of black tea to soothe the itching. Remedy for cold sores # 3: daily cleaning blister herpes Labialis with the pulp of a tomato and then apply aloe vera, which will help dry the affected area. Remedy for cold sores # 4: soak a cotton cloth with water Witch Hazel and aplicarvarias times a day to dry the blisters or rashes. Avoid passing these panels to other parts of the body and you can get it. Remedy for cold sores # 5: soak a cloth with one or two tablespoons of castor oil and then apply to the area where cold sores is located. Remedy for cold sores # 6: place at the border where the gallbladder (blister) 2 drops every 15 minutes tea tree essential oil.


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