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Mary Jane

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Peter smiled. It liked girls who were not nor pro its weight there, and ate what they wanted, without fear if to another person it went to judge for its plate. The waiter left there and Mary decided to justify itself: – I go to pay my part, not if he worries, is that – Shh, does not need to justify itself. I pay. But at last, I could not leave of note that you like Avenged – They are my preferring. after TPR.

– The Pretty Reckless? – Peter said arregalando the eyes. – it is, I adore the Taylor Momsen, it is my inspiration pra much thing. – Hm – And you, like that type of music? – Rock, Metal. – I also! – Mary Jane smiled and the waiter arrived with the order. When it left, it started to speak: – Excuse for having today beaten in its door, I know that he is very strange this – He looks at. Be that as it may that you made to go there, I am thankful. Mary smiled without favour. Not yet she was vain of whom Peter did not think that it was maluca.

– Serious. Debtor, other world thing that brought Mary Jane until me. – Peter in trick tone Said and soon he was serious. Its face was pale and soon it continued speaking – You heard this? – What? – Mary, confused said. – Nothing, you being wild. – Peter shook the head. It swore to give heard one ' ' Of nada' ' With sotaque British and a voice extremely candy. But probably it was wild and it was not nothing beyond an hallucination. As soon as they had finished to eat, Peter gave the idea to go to walk in the beach. Mary Jane topou, and they had been for there walking and looking at the sea.


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