Veg Scoop

Turning over to a vegetarian life.

John Bristow

A soldier as investigators Galbraiths Holmes detective Cormoran is strike, an Afghanistan veteran, which does not really fit the ordinary investigator profile. Private how business runs at him much in the wrong direction. That will change with his new client John Bristow. This would like to clarify on the death of his adoptive sister and […]

Literal Production

For what vende, the book still has long way. But, as such carrying object of art and culture it will be able to conquer the deserved space? Ideas exist. I particularly never understood why all the activity human being can use the advertising with actors and boy-propaganda and the market bookseller does not make it. […]

Second issue of the magazine since Saturday in the trade of Gutersloh (mf). The German national football team is in South Africa for the fourth time world champion physics professor Metin Tolan is convinced, and he can even mathematically prove it: with the World Cup formula developed by him. The new issue of the magazine […]

Village Rock

already it knows n? What Mr. not yet knows is that Z is dominating the Village and until it changed its name. Netflix has much experience in this field. – My saint Deus! Priest comes until here. A disaster happened! – The one that happened? – the priest asked. – Z assumed eating of the […]

Mary Jane

Peter smiled. It liked girls who were not nor pro its weight there, and ate what they wanted, without fear if to another person it went to judge for its plate. The waiter left there and Mary decided to justify itself: – I go to pay my part, not if he worries, is that – […]


According to author, can itself be understood these two-way conditions of production: strict? enunciative context? ample e? context ideological partner-description and. 3,3 Mussalim citizen (2006) detaches the existence of three phases of the AD ones (Analysis of the Speech), which understand procedures and differentiated objects of analysis. In result of this, it will have a […]