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Storing Vegetables

Posted on | October 18, 2017 | Comments Off on Storing Vegetables

Every vegetable has its own special conditions in which it is stored for a long time, and does not lose its beneficial qualities. When storing vegetables is very important to follow them – it will reduce the loss of nutrients and vitamins and provide you with useful products throughout the year. In the beginning should properly prepare the site for vegetable storage. Cellar, which will packed vegetables, must have good ventilation, to be protected from direct sunlight and without excess moisture. About a month before laying vegetable store clean of dirt and dust and air. Then disinfect the premises bleach, blanch ceilings and shelves of slaked lime with copper sulphate (10 liters of water 1.5 – 2 kg of lime and 10 – 20 g sulfate). Containers and equipment with a disinfectant solution of copper or iron sulphate.

The room can fumigate sulfuric sword, but on condition that the house over the cellar are not people. Desirable to establish a cellar thermometer and psychrometer to determine the temperature and humidity. For storage of vegetables should comply with certain conditions: Potatoes should be dried, sort, remove diseased and damaged tubers. Keep it need no light, or tubers flourish and they will begin to accumulate toxic beef. During drying, the tubers for a while kept at a temperature of 12-18 C, then stored until February at 3 – 5 C, and closer to spring it is desirable to lower the storage temperature of up to 1 – 2 C to avoid germination.

Humidity in storage must meet 85 – 90%. Growing sprouts in the spring removed. Cabbage for storage of selected late-ripening varieties with tight fitting green leaves and stumps. Cabbage for storage requires good ventilation, so it is placed on latticed shelves, in crates stump up or suspended for stump to the ceiling. Optimum storage temperature is 0 / -1 C and 90 – 95% humidity. At higher temperatures, humidity is maintained within the range 75 – 80%. In such circumstances, the upper leaves will dry out, but despite this, they are not.


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