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Turning over to a vegetarian life.


The Metaphysical one searchs the bedding and reason of the world beyond the physical world, and permeia the question of the being, in special facing the question of the existence, by means of the following questioning: Who exists? To answer that the things exist are very natural and simple, causing realism natural, for to be […]

Four Enemies

The good marriages imply a permanent one to give and to receive. When the pair feels like part of the same equipment sees, like something normal, working together by the good of its relation. The fundamental cause of unfortunate relations, the problem is not the conflicts, but how handled we them. To unload the wrath, […]

Click Here Symptoms

Water Pitidos, hummings, cascades These are only some of the symptoms expressed by the patients who suffer of acfenos, when they approach to consult with the specialist. Many of these patients do not pay attention to the appearance of the symptoms of this disease until the same become difficult to support, alternating the daily life […]