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October Bran

Posted on | October 19, 2017 | Comments Off on October Bran

The phytosterol produced from the oldest cultivated of the world Gamma oryzanol. It contains antioxidant substances that counteract free radicals and affect the skin aging process. Munich, October 15, 2008 – the grass counting rice plant (lat. oryza sativa) is considered the oldest crop in the world and is found in tropical and subtropical regions. In the processing of whole rice to white rice, brown rice skin and the rice germ is removed. Rice skin and rice germ is called rice bran. You makes up only 8% of the rice raw weight, but it contains the majority of nutritionally valuable ingredients of a grain of rice.

The vegetable fat of Gamma-oryzanol from rice bran and rice bran oil is known for its cholesterol-lowering effect. In addition, it protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. It accelerates the micro-circulation and stimulates the metabolism and acts as a free radical scavenger. Rice bran oil has high levels of lecithin, linoleic acid and Palmitic acid, vitamin and high Concentrations of oryzanol. This combination co-developed the antioxidant properties that can positively affect the appearance of the skin. Gamma oryzanol is a useful dietary supplement that is available at the pharmacy. Amata Oryza capsules are pure vegetarian and gluten-free. The active substance of 500 g Thai Jasmin rice is contained in a capsule.

The Amata international co., Ltd. is a Thai group has so far been in Asia, Oceania and America. The company based in Bangkok has nearly 1000 employees and has leading-edge research technologies. Its key products, it occupies leading positions. The portfolio comprises products for health, personal care and cosmetics. Agency Stadelhofer Landgraf


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