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Who is the Father?

Posted on | December 7, 2012 | Comments Off on Who is the Father?

Not if turbe your heart, nor if intimidates. You heard that said I you: I go, and I will come back you. You loved if me, you would be glad yourselves of that I go for the Father; because the Father is bigger of what I. Said I you now, before he happens, so that, when to happen, it believe. Already I will not speak very with you, because he comes the prince of this world, and it nothing he has in me; but, as well as he commanded me to the Father, thus exactly I make, so that the world knows that I love the Father.

You raise you, we go daqui.’ ‘ Joo 14:15 the 31 apstolo Peter was not the only one that he received the authority to bind and disconnect in the sky and the land. The other apstolos had also received, as church, and not individually (‘ ‘ If to refuse ouviz them, you say it the church; e, if also to refuse to hear the church, considers it as heathen and publicano. In I say you to truth: Everything how much to bind in the land will be on in the sky; everything how much disconnect in the land will be off in the sky. Still I say more to you: If two of you in the land to agree concerning any thing that to ask for, this will be made to them by my Father, who is in skies. Therefore where if two or three congregated in my name find, I am I in the way of them there.


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