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(ibid, 20) Still standing out the singular aspects of listening in the clinic, Levy speaks that: The clinical boarding has only felt in a mutually accepted relation, with all the acasos, the doubts and uncertainties that it holds. It justifies itself and is only possible because the physician is, in certain way, desired, waited, waited; in other words, it the one object ' ' demanda' ' , on the part of people or groups dealing with processes, conscientious and unconscious, that in them generate phases, however of hope, stability, or relative balance, however of rupture, discouragement and disequilibrium (LEVY, 2001, p.21) For Gestalt-Therapy, the clinic is space of possibilities where the other can be what in fact it is. It is the rescue of what he is occult, of the denied one, of the excluded one. ZinKer says in them: ' ' This game of speaking and hearing, to see and to be seen, to touch and to be touched, to know and to be known, takes in them to clarify our similarities and differences. This increasing conscience of the other clearly stimulates the necessary energy for the sprouting of wills and desires; the sprouting of one appears from fundo' ' (ZINKER, 2001, P. 91), thus it is possible desvelar of the being, for the shelter and understanding of the phenomenon as if it presents. In clinical listening we can find the disgnostic key for the understanding of definitive and eventual identifications and pictures ' ' In the desire to find ways it of access to the proper world individual, the inquiry of speaks can be a key for the understanding of determined structures and the eventual identification of certain disgnostic pictures (…) the analysis and comment of speaks opens, therefore a privileged way to inquiry clinica' ' (AUGRAS, 2004; p 78). In listening it says clinical it is basic so that the psychologist can understand and intervine in the direction to facilitate the customer to give to new significaes the carreadas experiences of suffering.


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