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We Are What We Eat

Posted on | August 9, 2013 | Comments Off on We Are What We Eat

Did you know that practically all our health depends on what we eat? What one of the secrets of youth is what you eat? What the quality of your thoughts and feelings is intimately linked with your diet?. Find out here as. Our physical health and food. We are physically built by millions of cells, to survive each one should eat; the health of these structures depends on the reception of the nutrients they need to operate. Blood transports these nutrients to the cells and absorbs waste products. Blood receives these nutrients from the foods we eat picking them mainly in the intestinal walls. The blood is cleansed of waste products collected from the cells by means of the liver and the lungs.

The most important remember point is that blood is neutral in the transport system, if you eat foods that are toxic, blood will pick up these toxins and will take them as if they were nutrients and cells such. If there is any deficiency in the food that we eat the blood simply arrives at the gates of the cell with empty hands. What you eat determines what the blood thus transported to cells either toxins or nutrients, is because of this that to strengthen all our organs and systems it is necessary to know the cells need nutrients and toxins or other substances do not need, therefore is to include in our diet nutrients necessary for the health of all our systems and exclude harmful. Our emotional health and food. The sentence: we are what we eat is to say that what we think and feel this deeply related to what we get at the mouth. Physical referent of what we think and feel is the brain and this is an organ composed of nerve cells, called neurons, they like all the other cells in our body need nutrients appropriate in quantities appropriate for its proper functioning, but as you explain above Yes blood that goes has been feeding them is poor in nutrients and also intoxicated, the quality of the cells and their functions will be very poor or the functions of these cells will not the correct and most of these functions have to do with our ability to think and feel. The solution.

You must first avoid called junk foods that are low in nutrients and which also contain harmful substances such as edulcolorantes, artificial preservatives, hormones, chemical pesticides, as well as avoid other harmful elements for health for example: salt, refined sugar, saturated fats, refined flour and foods of animal origin. All this to have a clean and toxin-free body. Second eating abundant fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, sprouts, vegetables, liquids of natural origin such as pure water, juices and some teas. Third try at least of one to two times a year take a detoxification program through naturist diets or alternative medicines. All this are preventive measures to live in health and with our best physical, mental and emotional state. By Eloisa Chavarria original Autor and source of the article.


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