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Tarot Friend

Posted on | March 16, 2014 | Comments Off on Tarot Friend

Even those who say not to believe in horoscope, can not recognize that there are similar characteristics in the face of those who belong to the same zodiac sign. It is clear that there is a common thread in the profile of persons belonging to the different signs, and this is so simply because the relative positions of the stars tend to repeat themselves more or less at the same height of the year. In consequence, all those, say, fifteen January, regardless of the year, the heavenly bodies that are considered to draw the chart of a person occupying similar positions, and give as resulting from similar personality tendencies. We all have a friend ariano and know how are: impulsive, pure fire. Pride is one of their strong points, but can also be one of its greatest weaknesses, when they don’t know how to ask for help, and empecinan in their points of view. The bullfighting is, on the other hand, sensible, with his feet well on Earth.

People of great capacity for work, appreciate the material security, and are sensible and loyal friends for life. Gemini, air sign, offers people with great power of communication, non-affection of the commitments, and they are valuable friends by their points of view full of common sense and wisdom. The cancerianos are very sensitive, and live the emotions to the surface. Paradigm of what be good parent good, romanticism can. Leo, the lion of the zodiac. Gift of command is what left them, and when a Leonine enters a site, everyone immediately knows that he is the leader.

They are fearsome bosses, but loyal friends. Virgo, the sign of the retailer, can shake hands with Capricorn, a very demanding with himself sign. On the other hand, the Libra seeking balance in everything they do. On the contrary, Scorpio is the sign of the passions. Excellent lovers, are very wayward in everything what they undertake, and even sometimes stubborn. Scorpio dislikes the changes, and conversely, Sagittarius has no problems in adapting to the inevitable ups and downs of life. Another sign that don’t like the changes in their routines is Aquarius. However, the Aquarian like dreaming, and a. often becomes carried away by his fantasies, sometimes too. Finally, PISCES, the sign of the water. Its natives are difficult to catch, such as fish. Who fell in love with a piscean, knows that the task that awaits him is long-term, because it can’t tame easily. Find complete profiles of the twelve signs of the Zodiac Tarot friend, all the esoteric information in one place. Jesus Morrison original Autor and source of the article


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