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Packaging For Fruit And Vegetables

Posted on | March 21, 2013 | Comments Off on Packaging For Fruit And Vegetables

Since fruits and vegetables are harvested begins its deterioration, so they need a packaging capable of keeping them fresh for a long period of time so that they can get into the hands of the consumer. As mentioned above, at the time of the collection of fruit and vegetables begins its deterioration, which can reach its loss since the breathing of the food processes are still active, degrades the food and its consumption is impossible. On the other hand, since the food is damaged, it can be attacked by multiple micro-organisms. As a result of the rapid deterioration of horticultural products are considered highly perishable food and need a packaging appropriate to their needs, capable of maintaining the quality and freshness of the product. A special for each one of them packing is necessary due to the great variety of existing products with different shapes and sizes, luckily the packaging company has thought about this and has machines capable of performing such work. Fruit and vegetables are generally products very fragile, so container, bottle or bag containing it should be appropriate so that the product resists the transportation. The packaging is very important in any kind of products, but as he has tried to explain earlier, fruit and vegetables need that your packaging is of the highest quality.


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