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Posted on | October 25, 2013 | Comments Off on Metaphysical

The Metaphysical one searchs the bedding and reason of the world beyond the physical world, and permeia the question of the being, in special facing the question of the existence, by means of the following questioning: Who exists? To answer that the things exist are very natural and simple, causing realism natural, for to be too much evident, inasmuch as to examine themselves intently, reflecting, we will conclude that nor everything that make look like to be, really possesss an existence. Therefore, the first philosophical effort of Metaphysical matrix, carried through for the man was workmanship of the Greeks, as instrument of discernment between the real existence, as an existence in itself exactly, and the fenomnica or apparent existence. The Greeks had exercised the rational reflection, of methodical form, searching answers for the question of the being. Two fronts of questioning had been the problems of ' ' who exists? ' ' the consequent referring question ' ' Which is the being in itself? ' '. These questions had taken the Greek philosophers to reflect exactly on the problem of the being in itself and the being in another one, searched to delimit the question of the beginning of the things. Four material elements, namely: water, air, land and fire had been considered fundacionais elements of the being. Pitgoras (570-500 a.C), breaking the materialistic tradition, was supported in something not material, to clarify this philosophical question of the beginning of the things, as being the number, that stops it was the principle collator of the natural reality. The difference between the things meets in the numerical relation. Pitgoras was the first philosopher of ocidente to defend the theory of metempsicose or transmigrao of the soul of a body for another one, and even though for the bodies of animals, in one constant cycle until the purificao of the soul.


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