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Makeup Eyes

Posted on | January 17, 2014 | Comments Off on Makeup Eyes

Would all have a few tabs of your dreams, a spectacular eyes, a perfect complexion and a glare look. Well, perhaps it is not so difficult to approaching this: learn to apply makeup properly is very important when it comes to getting enhance our beauty as well as possible but also in a very natural way (unless you are looking for a very prom or evening look). In this article we will see how eyes makeup step by step so that they are perfect. 1) First you have to prepare the area, and will do so with a concealer for eyes. It will help us cover imperfect areas as dark areas by dark circles and pigmentation of different color. Three dots of Concealer under each eye, the first in the inner corner of the eye, another just below the pupil and the third at the outer end. With the index finger fingertip we rub gently to extend the cream.

Hopefully a little dry. (2) With regard to the shadow, we will have to do is decide well many shadow tones we want to put on the eyelids. We will first choose the color primary since it will be which highlighted more; It is the color that covers all over the eyelid. Apply it gently. (3) If you’ve chosen to put two tones, the next step is to apply shadow color more clear in the area that is above this (stationary eyelid) color always mixing well in the area where meet (the area of the fold). (4) Now we will apply the eyeliner (pencil or liquid). I prefer pencil because I find it less aggressive when it comes to apply it near the eye, but a matter of taste. Draws a fine line as close to the base of the eyelids as you can.

Start at the inner corner (near the nose) and draws up the outer end. (5) Now we will put the mascara. It is the last step but by no means less important. So your tabs are spectacular worthwhile to invest a little money in a curler. Try not to pump the wand on the tube since the rime tends to dry out. The best way to do this is by inserting the wand and giving it a few turns once it is inside the tube. Come in the brush along the eyelashes towards the outer edge of the face. The coats and allow to dry; This will make eyelashes appear more populated. (6) As the last step, we combed them with Eyelash comb suitable for accumulations of mascara that have been formed and at the same time separating them so they look thicker. With these 6 steps you’ve managed an eye makeup that will enhance the beauty of your eyes.


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