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Charles Darwin

Posted on | September 7, 2016 | Comments Off on Charles Darwin

) It is what human being happens with the products of the hand, in the world of the merchandises. Flame this of fetichismo, that always is grudado to the products of the work, when is generated as merchandises (The 1867/1980 MARX apud Da Silva, 2002, p.81). Currently the consumerism is present in almost all the places, and it does not leave of being one of the characteristics of the humanity, not necessarily as a whole. In certain individuals they can appear from a compulsory act in spending and consuming, a pathology that will bring future problems. The compulsory consumer if excites with the act to buy and not with the bought object. A priori we will be able to discern what an analyst of the behavior considers in its method of scientific research, in a relationary perspective with some theoreticians as Charles Darwin, Francis Bacon, Ernst Mach, Karl Marx among others (Matos, 1999). In the measure where the mannering funcionalista investigates and if it uses of functional units of the behavior, it can foresee as well as to control the behavior through the manipulation of the 0 variable. Thus, not only changing the result of the behavior for its direct exposition the contingencies, but considering that such change is resultant of interpretations and descriptions of these contingencies.

Since when the first behavior it was observed through a simple amoeba, the evolution process was noticed until its periods of training of complexity. Skinner (1987) describes in its article ‘ ‘ The Modeling of the Filogentico’ behavior; ‘ , that well known geologic changes could have supplied some of the sequences of necessary contingencies. Adaptando for our capitalist way of consumption, the necessity that if places in the way to consume objects can have been imposed to the citizens that consume, in a change perspective contemporary proposal for a capitalist society to explain the behavior exageradamente to consume everything that if perfects in the market.


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