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Blanchard Organization

Posted on | February 23, 2014 | Comments Off on Blanchard Organization

2. Organization and management deal with, firstly, the concept of organization. In the Administrative Sciences the term organization is accepted in two ways: as a process and as a structure. The first of these senses, conceived the Organization as a process whereby you attempt to bring order to the chaos, make foreseeable acts of units that comprise a system. More specifically, it refers to all acts whereby a plan turns into specific activities, responsibilities and resources are assigned, coordination mechanisms are fixed and lines of authority are established. In short, it is a process through which creates and controls a structure to achieve certain objectives. Organization, which will be used in this text, presents the second meaning of the term as a social structure oriented towards specific goals.

Numerous definitions have emerged around this idea. Some very simple, others more elaborate. Some authors, such as Hersey, Blanchard and Johnson (1998) They define the organization in a very terse way as a group with goals declared and formal (p.364) Robbins (2004), it incorporates elements of coordination and continuity, when they point out that the organization is a social unit, coordinated deliberately, composed of two or more people that works more or less continuously to achieve a goal or several common goals (p. 4). Such a definition leaves to escape, however, other important elements such as membership, the complexity and the inclusion of organizations in a historically determined society. Thus, in the context of this article we will understand the Organization as a social formation articulated, continuous and formally constituted, composed of a precisable set of members, who using specific knowledge and skills, and develop different functions, combine efforts with the purpose of achieving targeted objectives to satisfy some of the basic needs of the society which is registered. To achieve their objectives, organizations use different types of resources (financial, technical, material and human).


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