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SOS Childrens Villages

Posted on | May 16, 2016 | Comments Off on SOS Childrens Villages

All Nations Festival on July 04, 2009 in Berlin shared the open day of the embassies in Berlin. 24 messages, 5 new countries and SOS Children’s villages around the world for the ninth consecutive year invite embassies and cultural institutes Saturday, July 04, 2009, from 11 am to 6 pm in Berlin, to look at the Embassy world travel not just behind the doors of diplomacy, but also to experience the rich diversity of traditional and modern fashion trends on the head. With it, also the SOS – Children’s villages are worldwide. As in almost all countries that open their doors at the Festival, also the SOS – Children’s villages are a solid instance, often for decades. This year the participating embassies to the motto with Hat and hair will present Embassy event and 60 years SOS Children’s villages! International headdress and what’s behind them”their national head-dresses and hairstyles and their international connections. Many embassies to offer a culinary and cultural programme. Tourist information will gladly spot given.

On Embassy world tour also Barbara Schoeneberger, President of the vacation country Opodien, will go. Berlin should ensure the State limousine and accompanying Samba band. The opodische delegation will come also to the messages with the SOS Children’s villages and not only ensures high spirits, but has also usually surprises for travel-happy people in the luggage. The SOS Children’s villages will be represented Jamaica and Lesotho in the embassies of Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Kenya, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nepal, Niger, with a stand. SOS Children’s villages around the world a new partner good preserve”does the new partner of the ALL NATIONS FESTIVAL of the SOS Children’s villages provide boys and girls, who are advised by poverty, war, violence or abuse in emergency, again a home. In the SOS Children’s villages, they get a mother and siblings with whom they live in a House together in the protective framework of the children’s village. There are currently over 70 000 children living and young people in 473 children’s villages and SOS youth facilities 383. “” If the embassies of Berlin all Nations Festival “celebrate, enjoy the SOS Children’s villages to may be in a sense as all Nations charity” participants there following 24 embassies and the European House said to: Ethiopia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Iraq, Jamaica, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Madagascar (in Falkensee), Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Niger, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the Slovak Cultural Institute, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Venezuela and the European House. More information about the program and to the topic with Hat and hair”in these countries under. Video to last year’s all Nations Festival SERVICE which can message the world tour with the FESTIVAL PASS are entered as free, but limited tickets. This is from mid-June 2009, for example, at the Berlin info stores at the Brandenburg Gate, in the central station, ALEXA shopping centre and Kranzlereck available as well as in the Museum of European cultures in Berlin-Dahlem and the new designer outlet Berlin on the B5 in Wustermark (on its way to Madagascar) and contains the complete programme of the Festival.


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