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SOS Childrens Villages

Posted on | May 13, 2016 | Comments Off on SOS Childrens Villages

International headdress and what’s behind this message Festival and SOS Children’s villages worldwide invite hat, or an elaborate hairstyle if helmet, beret, Cap, scarf, hood, Fez, hood, Crown. Head coverings have a meaning in many countries of this world: fashion statement, political protest, ruler icon, sunscreen, doubt, cultural heritage. On the Embassy world travel is also presenter and singer Barbara Schoeneberger, President of the vacation country Opodien. The opodische delegation will also be the messages with the SOS Children’s villages and not only ensures high spirits, but has also usually surprises for travel-happy people in the luggage. The SOS Children’s villages will be represented Lesotho and Jamaica in the embassies of Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Kenya, Madagascar, Panama, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nepal, Niger, with a stand. The Jamaican Embassy is already a skilled host at the all Nations Festival. Playing in the courtyard of the Embassy building Jamaican music to ESS competition, which tasted typical delicacies such as hot Jamaican Patty and jerk chicken. Then you can dance is back down the calories in limbo.

Jamaican headgear on the living model appear appropriate to the topic. The beginnings date of SOS-Children’s village work in Jamaica back in 1970, when the national SOS Children’s Village Association was founded on the initiative of the Jamaican Harland Hastings and John Rollins, as well as the Austrian Consul-General Heinz Simonitsch SOS-Children’s village activities in the country. Two years later the SOS Children’s village was located, ready for occupancy Barrett town, about 15 kilometers from Montego Bay on the North coast of Jamaica and the first children moved into their new home. in 1984, a second SOS Children’s village followed by in Stony Hill near the capital of Kingston. Both children’s villages were added to SOS kindergartens, SOS Kinderdorf children as well as children from the neighborhood are open. where we help…

The first SOS youth facility was established in 1988 in Montego Bay. There, the young people who have outgrown the SOS Children’s village, can prepare for a life of independence. Because the population of Stony Hill constantly increased, the schools in the vicinity of the SOS Children’s village soon burst seams. Classes with 60 students, and more were not uncommon, and many students had to Dodge in distant schools. To defuse the situation, an SOS Hermann Gmeiner school was built in 2002 in Stony Hill. Currently, there are two SOS Children’s villages, two SOS youth facilities, two SOS nursery schools and an SOS Hermann Gmeiner school in Jamaica. More information about the program and to the topic with Hat and hair”in these countries under You can easily go on the world tour of the Embassy in Berlin: you need only the free FESTIVAL PASS. Please contact the FESTIVAL PASS the involved embassies or the BERLIN info stores.


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