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Posted on | June 21, 2014 | Comments Off on Rimonabant

Acomplia Rimonabant is an anorectic against obesity drug. It is an antagonist of the cannabinoid receptor CB1. Rimonabant is proven to put an end to the uncontrolled desire to eat, and is used to help lose weight. Its use is indicated in conjunction with a diet and exercise for patients with a BMI greater than 30 kg/m, and recently also been proven its efficacy for smoking cessation. It is a solution not regulated for the weight loss with proven results. Acomplia pills that come in doses of 20 milligrams that act directly on the impulse and desire that people have are eating more. It works on the cannabinoid system, a system that affects the balance of energies and the metabolism of the glucose, lipids and body weight. Acomplia blocks certain receptors located in the brain, resulting in a feeling of fullness by the patient, which wants to eat less than normal.

Following this treatment together with a diet low in calories and exercise helps greatly to patients to reduce their weight. Several clinical trials on Acomplia has been made in more than 6,800 patients and the results were as follows. After one year, patients who took Acomplia experienced a loss of weight of 6.5 kg, and those who had taken a placebo only had managed to lose 1.6 kilograms. The first 9 months are the most crucial in terms of weight loss. Acomplia also reduced the risk of recovering all the lost weight.

In another study conducted in randomly selected patients, it was noted that patients who continued taking Acomplia during 2 years managed a total weight loss of 7.5 kilograms, while patients who began taking Acomplia during the first year, and a placebo the second, lost only 3.1 kilograms. Acomplia Rimonabant is a medication that is taken jointly with a diet low in calories and exercise. It is a treatment that can only follow obese patients with a BMI (indice BMI) greater than or equal 30 kg/m, or overweight patients (BMI equal or greater than 27 kg/m, and less than 30 kg/m) and have some risk factor associated with diabetes type II or the dyslipidaemia. Patients only have to take one pill in the morning with breakfast.


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