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Holiday Village DorumNeufeld

Posted on | May 13, 2016 | Comments Off on Holiday Village DorumNeufeld

It hurt itself in Dorum-Neufeld. Swimming pool construction?, rehabilitation Leuchhturm Eversand… It is happening again. On May 1, the large wave pool in Dorum-Neufeld at Cuxhaven on the North Sea coast opened the season in 2008. The wave swimming pool has come in the year and there is considerable need for renovation.

To be rehabilitated or is there even a building of indoor swimming pool with saunas, outdoor pools, etc.? A new building will consume a lot of money. So around 9 million euros. If it goes. The political committees have there different views. So the SPD in favour of a new building, the CDU tends to clean up. On the other hand, there are indoor pools in bad Bederkesa, Otterndorf, Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven. The attractiveness of the resort would certainly be increased with a new building. Sure, the question of EU funding will play a role.

So wait. However, the restoration of the lighthouse of Eversand is no longer to avert. Korrossionschaden have formed on the outer wall. Here the investment costs with 100000 euro in comparison to the swimming pool are low, but they also woe. As long as the pool is not cleaned up the bathroom remains still open in the season from 1st of may until 15th. You can of course further climb the Eversand lighthouse at the Harbour entrance and the guided tours through the Museum in the Tower continue to run also. It pays to make holidays in Dorum-Neufeld. Ideal for families, the resort is interesting. An extensive children’s program is provided here. Tip: Always on Tuesdays the Pirate Festival. The smallest are catered for in the House on the beach. You need an accommodation for a holiday in Dorum-Neufeld. We provide a wide range of apartments on the North Sea coast. Holiday houses of course. For disabled persons or wheelchair users we also have lodging options on offer. Well, because maybe we meet even in Dorum-Neufeld at Cuxhaven. Bodo MICHALSKI


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