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Turning over to a vegetarian life., The First Web 2.0

Posted on | May 23, 2016 | Comments Off on, The First Web 2.0

The new social network with real added value of virtual networks are popular in this country more and more. The opportunity to interact over the Internet with new people, to become aware of them, and to expand so the own circle of friends, of course has its charms. However, the new online portal offers many other benefits that has to offer no other community. As the first network of things, there is the possibility to create profiles not only to themselves, but to also show their things and possessions through the portal the other members and, if they want to Exchange, to rent or to rent to offer its users. Of course, this has the advantage that things that you rarely need not only new must be purchased, which you can save a lot of money. On the other hand, everybody has things with him lying around, that he no longer uses.

He can now set it at, so that other people can benefit from it. An interactive map is shown on every user logged-in, where in the immediate vicinity which things will be awarded. Also there is a photo and a detailed description for each product, so that you know just whether it can take the thing or whether it is the sought object, you want to have. Who has concerns to give his things to entirely foreign people, can his personal settings of course, things to be seen only by people he knows personally. In addition, there is a rating system, where the user each other can evaluate themselves after the end of the loan period on If someone repeatedly get bad reviews, have been warned by other users and will think twice about it themselves, if they want to borrow him to their possessions. Because you naturally want to avoid that, everyone will seek even more carefully to treat the loaned items and to return undamaged and on time. The clever concept of frents offers to its users genuine added value and many advantages over other networks. Philip


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