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East Germans QDorf

Posted on | May 17, 2016 | Comments Off on East Germans QDorf

Next Thursday, the 16th 10 reopened in Berlin the world’s largest erotic fair in the ICC. The QDorf holds the Venus so next weekend special party with go-go dance contest, presented by FunDorado. In the village of Q, the guests enjoy almost up to the stupor. In the beginning, it was a harmless dance party under the motto of “Red Mile – sex up your life”. But then it became the most successful series of erotic party in the capital. Because many female guests were suddenly at the bar and stormed the stage.

Thus was born the idea of the open competition of the GoGo. FunDorado ( and the well-known QDorf of the venue make an open GoGo girl therefore during the entire trade fair (October 17-19) competition. Visitors can apply for directly at the FunDorado-fair stand in Hall 18 on the fun bus ( with a sexy photo or dancing in front of the camera. The 5 most-gifted become the final casting “Venus special” invited on Saturday in the QDorf: there the GoGo contest final will take place from 23: 00. Author Wladmir Kaminer on the QDorf: when the wall fell, television advertising has paid off, the East Germans conquered the West Berlin dance floors and saved the download.

From there, it was just still uphill, the CEO told us by the ‘ Ku’ village “. Tourists from all over Germany come from, up to 10 000 people dancing here every week. His grandfather opened the store thirty years ago. He took over the Club from his father ten years ago. “Actually I wanted something else creative make, film directing, for example”, the Managing Director explained to us. It was so creative. the shop” ( sex up your life! Red Mile VENUS SPECIAL “Party 5 euros the SAT1 magazine presented by FunDorado on October 18, 2008 in the QDorf in the Joachim Thaler str. 16 from 20 h, age 18, entrance reported the preliminary casting next Saturday at 6: 00!


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