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Aikido Defense

Posted on | March 31, 2016 | Comments Off on Aikido Defense

The esportiva part of the JJB has its paper, therefore it contributes for practitioner to develop the kinaesthetic sense, the rhythm of the techniques and the physical education, however, this cannot be taken to the point to atrophy the essential elements of the art, as she comes occurring. How many practicing of JJB they know the techniques of defense developed by Gracie Helium? , How many worse practicing of JJB they practise techniques of defense of cutting weapons and fire, as well as if it observes in the Aikido? How many they are conscientious of the risk of bites, perforation in the eyes and other actions of a real aggression, so excellent questions how much to the importance to dominate the ground fight, this are demanded of a black band? It is demanded by the martial art that argues to be the most efficient in the self-defense and the confrontation style the style? The search for the agreement of the conflict and its composition of harmonic form, not violent, only can be lived deeply in a scene that under control reproduces the 0 variable of a real aggression, is the essential element of the true martial arts, something well different of one esportiva competition or of a training for the war or mere a fight of street.


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