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Across Is Out

Posted on | June 3, 2014 | Comments Off on Across Is Out

Across systems GmbH has submitted seven recommendations that companies can improve their processes for international communication. Karlovy Vary, 25 July 2013. This response of the manufacturer of the across language server, a leading translation management system, on the outcome of the European communication monitor 2013. Therefore, the international communication is important for about two-thirds of communication professionals in Europe, but already structures and strategies in their companies have not even realized half. Centralized management of project costs reduce translating is not only the transfer of a text from one language to another, but a complex process.

The variety of stakeholders as well as workflows across company boundaries makes high demands on the translation management. The cost of the project management can be reduced via a central platform. While documenters and translators have access to the same consistent data from here, clients can projects assign to and learn about work progress at any time. Intelligently reuse your translations to avoid multiple translations, the introduction of a translation memory system is advisable. Here, each once translated set in a database is stored, so that it is reusable for any future projects.

Time is an ever-larger data pool from which the translator can draw. Communicate uniformly in all languages with a terminology system, a uniform, structured terminology including the appropriate translations is established and maintained. It should be across the enterprise and the language service providers are made available. So, we implemented consistent texts in all languages while reducing the translation effort. Quality assurance in the translation process, integrate the positive visibility of a company affects the quality of foreign language documents and can contribute even to the clarification of questions of liability in case of damage. To the linguistic and equally, to ensure technical accuracy, quality assurance through all phases of the process must move. Language technology and business intelligence unite due to the large number of people involved and process steps are hard to overlook the actually incurred costs for translations.


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