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Vegetable Puree

Posted on | June 12, 2016 | Comments Off on Vegetable Puree

As a first vegetable puree is recommended to use carrots, potatoes, cabbage or squash. Later, you can include mixed mashed carrots and potatoes, carrots and cauliflower, carrots and pumpkins. If you cook the sauce yourself, follow these rules: Wash vegetables, peel them and wash again! Boil the vegetables for a couple or a small amount of water (not included). Blend in through a strainer or blender until smooth without lumps. Spread the mashed vegetable broth.

You can add oil (sunflower, corn or olive oil) – 1 tsp. on a portion of mashed potatoes with 150 g of 6 months can make vegetable puree with egg yolk (with 1 / 4 part), hardboiled eggs, and from 7 months – vegetable soup with meat. A month after the introduction of vegetable puree can start to introduce baby cereal in the diet of solid foods – porridge. First, the kid just give rice, buckwheat, cornmeal porridge. To introduce solid foods starting with the '10 A month later, you can replace the cereal one breast. After a gluten-free cereal can enter the following cereals: barley, semolina, oatmeal. If the child is not enough gaining weight, you can change the order of complementary foods, from cereals instead of vegetables.

Cottage cheese can give your baby from 5-6 months, starting from 10 grams. In cottage cheese contains a lot of milk proteins. Egg yolk can add to the diet of baby not earlier than 6 months. Beginning with the quarter, below the yolk can be added to porridge. Meat is introduced from 7 months and begin to mash with meat homogenized (5 – 10 g). At 8 months you can give boiled meat (preferably veal, beef). To give pureed, also you can add meat to vegetable puree and cow's milk porridges injected with 8 months in the form of better dairy products (yogurt, 'Agusha'), which are less allergenic. If you are using homemade fat milk, it should be diluted with boiled water, 1:1, respectively, then boil it! Note that the boiling milk only once! Ministry of Health recommended a tentative scheme introduction of complementary foods products and dishes (the age specified in the table minimum, which previously introduced this product is not recommended!)


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