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Upheaval Deficit

Posted on | November 9, 2012 | Comments Off on Upheaval Deficit

In the HIPERATIVIDADE (2006), it meets description of some cares complementary to diminish the mannering problems of the hiperativos as: It stimulates its son to participate of projects that helps if to concentrate it as: glue photos in album of family, album of figurinhas and contributes so that it finishes. Concluding the project it will have ability sensation and it improves in its auto-esteem. To allow that the child, when to want, studies with music, in foot or walking; not to charge the study method and yes the result. He attributes fast tasks and simple its son, thus it obtains to carry through them; the end he thanks and he praises its contribution. He establishes a routine in its house, diminishes daily conflicts and stimulatons, he defines pertaining to school schedules for feeding, to sleep, tasks, diversions etc.? Some fruits and vegetables that will count salicilatos, as: almond, mace, banana, cherry, grape, lemon, cantaloups, orange, cucumber, chili, pepper, pea, tomatoe etc.

Prevent that its son ingests these foods in great amounts, therefore contribute stop hiperatividade. It looks to therapy for all the family, after all all need to adapt it new routine and to respect the limit of each one. It is a process that demands much patience of the parents and the balance and the familiar harmony depend on all, without exhaustion. The Hiperatividade and the School The importance of if diagnosising if the child correctly really have the Upheaval Deficit of Ateno and Hiperatividade, is important so that it can receives an attendance and an adequate attention more quickly possible. We believe that it is possible to present a proposal of proficient education, effective for the TDA/H carrier. He is enough to relembrar that when the child presents a picture of TDA/H without I diagnosis adequate and without the correct treatment, its relations with the school, the family and the worse friends tend to be each time, therefore it and criticized by all, does not obtain to leave itself well in the school and the colleagues tend if to move away.


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