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The White

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You can also shape using any plug-in as a silicone mould or apply new textures with necessary tooling. 5. Dry dry ones minutes to remove the workpiece from the silicone form with ease. 6 Insert the EYEBOLT for pendants there are a few (Eyebolts) hooks that can be entered well into the piece when still not dry at all, well stuck with cream on the back of the already dry piece. 7 Wipe dry a few minutes with hair dryer or by the leave to air dry for longer. 8 Sanding the workpiece carefully sanded.

9. Dry prior to cooking dries approximately 10 minutes in the way that we want 10. Cook times and forms vary depending on both the type of mass and the type of cooking (ceramic kiln, torch). 11 Brush brushed the white patina with a long stainless steel bristle brush with power. Gets a satin Sheen with this step.

12 Filing filing only is necessary to smooth parts with much slope, parties that if we had to sand we would take much. 13 Sanding sanding is a very necessary step to obtain this peculiar mirror effect silver, it is first using 600 grit sandpaper, then a 1200 and if want a highly polished mirror effect is completed with an alija 2000. 14 Polishing is polished very well with a burnisher rubbing forcefully. Used mostly on edges and reliefs, large surfaces is more complicated to avoid scratching. There are however more specific thinners depending on the area to Polish (with curved tip, straight tip) 15. POLISHING is used a bit of silver Polish. Original author and source of the article.


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