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The Tipping Point Journey

Posted on | September 13, 2016 | Comments Off on The Tipping Point Journey

However, it has been shown that such people can again be filing in the path of fidelity and satisfaction, if it surprises you with something that is not expected, obviously bearing in mind more deviations do not arise in the provision of the Service contracted. In the CRM magazine for the month of January 2009, appears an article that speaks of the topic in the section The Tipping Point. I’ll use an example mentioned in this article to illustrate the point. Mentions author who recently an airline flight Southwest Airlines in which the was, it suffered a delay due to the weather conditions for about three hours. The flight attendants took the appropriate action and very carefully provided free food, drinks, readings and permanent information on the weather and possibilities of flight departure. As stated by the author, good actions, but nothing that surprised travelers in memorable or shocking manner. However, it was the next move of the airline which generated a very positive remembrance for all users of that flight.

Two days after the flight, our character received a letter signed by the Vice President of Southwest, apologizing for the delays suffered in that flight and offering a free ticket for a journey to any destination in which the airline flies. This gesture is a very marginal cost to the airline but if generates a high level of recall and customer satisfaction, since you’re getting something I didn’t expect. In addition to the fact of generating a reaction very positive and the possibility of an important voice to voice, generates a possibility of income, since the ticket is only a path, the client would have to purchase the return journey. This requires a high level of creativity and administrative agility, next time will present a similar situation, the traveller may be hoping that the same will happen and here the surprise is lost.


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