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The Smartphone

Posted on | May 22, 2014 | Comments Off on The Smartphone

To achieve a larger depth range, a camera with a smaller aperture would be used. This is possible with cameras with fixed focus. Meet the image errors in mobile scanning such as motion blur, blur, distort, camera shake and the resulting problems in reading the codes dedicated barcode imager with a global shutter technology, in which each pixel captures the light in the same moment. Bar code imager points when scanning also by fast collection, making the long, quiet hold is no longer necessary. With their long depth range and lighting ausreichender, they prevent any distortion of the movement.

The lighting a bright, short Light pulse illuminates the code which captures the image without motion distortion. Flashes, like consumer cameras, produce mostly overexposed and ausgewaschene “images which may negatively affect the accuracy. Another advantage of the bar code imager: the aiming beam also ensures accuracy, where the scanner in the same field of view can meet multiple codes. They work exactly, read quickly, and decrypt securely. This complex process requires a corresponding application software of a Smartphone should be equipped with, if it is ever available for it. The complex algorithms of the bar code scanners enable reliable working even if damaged, worn or incomplete codes. A very important aspect, since many codes not in optimum condition in the harsh environment of the most line-of-business applications.

What would lead to special stresses of the wrists for hundreds of scans in the course of one layer with the Smartphone, is ergonomically comfortable and secure with bar code imagers to cope with. Conclusion: Smartphones can scan bar codes while and decrypt their camera technology makes it but almost impossible to process large volumes at high speed in low light or small bar codes. Special barcode scanners and mobile computers equipped with a scanner read hundreds of codes per shift quickly and safely. Further advantages are the ergonomische design, robustness and functionality even under harsh environmental conditions or under low light conditions.


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