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The Newcomer Award New Media 2013

Posted on | May 9, 2014 | Comments Off on The Newcomer Award New Media 2013

The competition among Germany’s creative generation starts again from the 01.08.2013 it is again: the newcomer award new media goes into the second round. Up to the 15.09.2013, students from the areas of design, media and development communication can their posts around the topic of new media”submit and prize money received from a total of 1.111. Original concepts are Web pages and apps to games to digital cross-media strategies: Demand or successful campaigns and (conclusion) work that reflect the creativity and innovation of German scientists. The submissions will be judged by an assembled an interdisciplinary jury. As jury members Niederrhein, Meike Fernandez-Steeger, publishing and media expert, Kay Schroder, Creative Director and concept designer, Prof.

Markus Wiemker, Professor of game design at the MHMK gained Prof. Dr. Jurgen Karla, Professor for Business Informatics at the University. The winning entries are the new media night in the Roadhouse on 17 October in the framework of the Aachen Forderverein presented art and the Internet. Interested parties can submit their contributions through the Web site.

2012, The new media award was awarded for the first time. Is he the agencies of social media Aachen and WESTWORK, sponsored to support talented young people and to promote. For further information:. For further information you can contact also Mrs Sabine Rittinger. They contact them by E-mail or by phone 0241-560 095 56.


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