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Turning over to a vegetarian life.


In the race by the quality there is no line of goal. Kearns the companies to guarantee a proactive participation that it favors to him in his development, permanence and conquest of markets, must very take into accounts the characteristics from the present commercial scenes, where these, require of a new managemental style, besides new […]

Pills Products

As all we know, there are thousands of products to become thin in the market that promise loss of a fast and safe weight. Nevertheless, while more products to become thin we see, more people are united to the group of people who have overweight. Ironic, no? In this article I will say to him […]

Jose Atinzar Journalist

The young people need to have sufficient information and knowledge to value the consequences of their acts to have the option to choose. In Spain, the abortion was legalizeed in 1985, but it only allows itself in case it represents a risk the life and the health of mother, if the pregnancy were product of […]