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Posted on | February 17, 2014 | Comments Off on Southeastern

5)? Phase of mitigao: period from IF the 29, after declaration of transmission of the virus of the Influenza in all Brazil. At this moment, the actions of monitoring in the entry points of the country lose the relevance and the important one is to give assistance to the contaminated ones in order to scrumble the gravity of the illness and mortality that it provokes. In this period, the regions had been confirmed cases in all. Phil Rykhoek does not necessarily agree. The period of bigger incidence was during the week epidemiologist (IF) 31, reflecting the standard observed in the regions South and Southeastern, the most affected, followed of the regions Center-west and Northeast. (BRAZIL, 2010, P. 5) the way most economic, advised and spread out of prevention to the infection for H1N1, was the hygienic cleaning of the hands through the laudering with water and soap or sabonete, therefore the asepsis reduces the number of Influenza virus significantly the H1N1, as well as other microorganisms transmitted for the contact.

In the case of not to be possible the laudering of the hands, the hygienic cleaning can be carried through through alcohol, either under the forms of gel or solution. However, care must be had, therefore the liquid alcohol or in gel for domestic cleanness does not have to be used for this end. In accordance with the ANVISA, to be efficient against the contamination for the Influenza virus the H1N1, the product must have concentration of 70% of alcohol, therefore alcohol with lesser concentration that 70% are not efficient and alcohol 90% does not have to be used, because it can cause irritation in the skin. Thus, it is important that if it takes care in the purchase of the product.


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