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Brasilia/DF, Brazil, on October 18, 2000, Wednesday. (My friends and brothers in humanity who honor us with their ilustrisima presence in I World Forum spirit and science, held at the World Parliament of the Ecumenical fraternity, of the Legion of good will, LBV, under the following convocatoria:1) Forum aim to) promote exchanges between scientific knowledge and the different religious traditions and spiritual about the spirit of the human being. b) structuring new paradigms for the sustained development of a fraternal, solidarity society and even-handed manner, from a spiritual and ecological perspective which guarantees the peace Mundial.c) build convergences between spirituality and science-based policies, consolidating them in projects, publish them and direct them to the respective bodies of public and private competition with wide dissemination in all the media. (2) General proposal the I Forum world spirit and science, beyond the theoretical debate, aims to stimulate the implementation of its proposals in pragmatic field of the achievements of civil society.Greeting to all the avant-garde here present or not, greeting under the invocation of peace, because this is the flag of the LBV Mundial.La Legion of good will evident in this meeting two characteristics: spiritual and scientific, taking in view the purpose of the Forum. The logic not conceived barriers in science, nothing is in its final form.It is outside logic conceive barriers for a specialty essential to human development, investigate, analyze, conclude, again investigate, analyze once again, to conclude in amplitude of reflection ad infinitum is the basis of their luminous fight. Mostly now, when is the world changing in a hurry.In the book under a new Prism madness, wrote Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes * (1831-1900), who was a physician, teacher, orator, politician, President of the Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro, charge equivalent, today, the prefect municipal: proof that we know nothing of infinite knowledge, that our destiny is to conquer, found in the fact that science walks always, unless you can say: I played the end point.This would mean that the science, especially in its branch called sociology, can not be imprisoned in an ivory tower. .


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