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Reproductive Anatomy

Posted on | June 1, 2016 | Comments Off on Reproductive Anatomy

Reproductive anatomy of the birds Peter Enrique P. Passamani Wilber Ribeiro Perbone Isabela Pear tree Hisses Rayan Pastro Axe In the avcola industry, the fertility of the matrices is a critical point, a time that determines the maximum economic return from the number and of the quality of eggs produced for lodged bird. (Rutz F, 2007). The reproductive efficiency of matrices is determined by the genetic load and ambient factors as installations, program of light, nutrition and handling, that influence the capacity to reach this potential. (Rutz F, 2007). To reach the maximum reproductive performance the knowledge of factors is necessary that influence the sexual maturity, ovulao, fertilizao, formation of the egg and oviposio. (Rutz F, 2007).

Genital device of the female the ovrio of mammals and birds differs. In mammals, diverse folculos can inside ovular at one definitive moment of an interval of some days or weeks, whereas in birds only folculo ovula and vulo (egg yolk) he is set free, but inside of a shorter interval (preferential every day). (Rutz F, 2007) Moreover, in view of that the embryo must get all the nutrients for the embryonic development, vulo mature of birds is very bigger that of mammals. (Rutz F, 2007) the genital device of the hen, is composed for a ovrio and one oviduto, that they be situated of the left side of the abdominal socket of the bird. Oviduto is composed for varies subdivises (Infundbulo, Great, Istimo, Uterus, Vagina).

(Bahr and Johnson, 1991). During the embryonic period, oviduto and the ovrio of the right side are initially gifts. However, the inhibiting substance production of ducto of Mller (origin of oviduto) for the ovrio results in regression of ducto right and the right ovrio, but not of the left. (Bahr and Johnson, 1991). Ducto left pparently is protected by presenting bigger number of receivers for estrognio, being thus, more sensible to the estrognio that ducto right.


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