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Reform Allowed

Posted on | April 25, 2013 | Comments Off on Reform Allowed

The new deduction of 10% of the amounts paid by improvement works carried out from April 14, 2010 until December 31, 2012, in the residence of the taxpayer or the building in which it is. The maximum amount of the deduction will be 4,000 per statement per year, with a maximum per dwelling of 12,000 in 5 years. They are eligible for this deduction, taxpayers whose tax base is less than annual 53.007,20. Payments may not be made in cash, and we must keep the invoices. But the deduction for any type of work, is not permitted to benefit from the deduction of housing reform works and buildings have allow: first: improving energy efficiency, hygiene, health and protection of the environment in buildings and homes, and the use of renewable energy, such as: installing solar panels.

improving the thermal envelope of the building (for example, improvements in insulation Windows, walls or roofs). improve systems of heating installations. improve facilities for supply and install mechanisms that favour water savings. Security and tightness of buildings, and in particular the replacement of installations of electricity, water, gas or other supplies, or promote the accessibility to the building, or homes, such as: install elevators or adapt them to the needs of people with disabilities install or improve the access ramps to buildings install information elements that allow the orientation in the use of stairs and elevators. works of adaptation of dwellings to the needs of people with disabilities or older than 65 years. Do not give right to this deduction: change the kitchen furniture, make dressing cabinets, change tiles, install air conditioning, put new interior doors or painting, if they are not work associated with the above-mentioned works. Second: The works of installation of telecommunication infrastructures that allow access to the Internet and digital television in regular housing services of the taxpayer. Third: You will not entitled to this deduction, the works carried out in parking garage, gardens, parks, swimming pools, sports facilities and other similar items. Therefore, not any kind of improvement in your home or building reform allows you to include the deduction in the income tax return, and reminds request budget for your reform to several nearby and qualified professionals.


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