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Proper Being

Posted on | October 14, 2014 | Comments Off on Proper Being

Or still, the existencialismo appears as a reply to the stigmata lived for the effective thought, not having with this the same swaggerer of the same, but it takes in consideration the man in its naked and raw reality, as finite to be launched in the world continuously dilacerado by crucial situations. Sartre obtains to enxergar the man without dissociar it of its concrete reality. However, we find an immersed Sartre in a century where the conscience human being it is subjects, on the part of not few, to become an impotent toy of forces on-human beings; it is in a century attracted by the irresponsibility seductions, and is accurately in this confusion of crisis of values that it appears with existencialistas ideas, causing great impact. In this way, the existencialismo would be the manifestation of the hope of the man in itself exactly, exactly that it is considered a being simply there, played in a hostile world, without God or hope of salvation and that, most of the time meets sunk in a inautntica existence, in which everything is chosen and determined. The existencialismo assumes, therefore, the position to display the man exactly itself, conclamando it to assume it the authentic possibilities of its existence. Our text turns on the man as a radically free being, supported in the antropolgica conception of Sartre and has as objective central office to understand the man under a sartreana existencialista perspective, following the following passage: at a first moment, we will approach the concept sartreano of man, later in them we will support in the concept of the acercada author freedom, better to understand the proper condition human being. 1. MAN CONCEPT SARTREANO the existencialista humanismo in Sartre considers the man as end in itself, as creative and exactly legislating of the values, as main the responsible one for the descortinamento of its existence.


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