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Practice Success

Posted on | January 24, 2014 | Comments Off on Practice Success

She thinks, acts and feels like a man, is self-sufficient income from their business? Quite differently than an employee or a housewife, who in his spare time 'play in their business' (nothing personal … I too was in these roles 🙂 It is this difference in self-perception distinguishes his case from a successful game business from the ridiculous income … Immediately noticeable around … including your clients, who constantly make decisions – "to pay you or, preferably, to someone else? "If you are an independent expert, trainer, coach, free-Lancer, has a private practice … in general, earn personal knowledge and experience, then you yourself are their main capital asset and a source of increase their income. How to start a success in any business? Not with a business plan! Business success starts with clearly defining their position and establish its major goal in the business. From personal experience of doing business can say that his case is built on three pillars: KIT 1 – Awareness of their latent needs and desires that you seek to implement in the business. Hence there is a clear mental picture of the business, 'their' goals and realistic planning.

Money – this is just a tool for achieving goals. CIT number 2 – most important – Internal able to successfully, which will give you the power to act with confidence and inspiration, and so most effectively. That's it called a "determination", "motivation", "creativity", "vigor" and becomes noticeable, not only you but also others. It attracts to you the customers and partners. KIT 3 – meaningful, purposeful and REZULTivnye steps to create and expand their business. Must act regularly.

Acting "from time to time, every time you go back almost to the top of the path. It slows the growth of your business and reduces your income. It regular actions are perceived by customers as a sign of your serious attitude, and therefore the reliability and prosperity of business. Such a change in my life and thinking requires "going beyond the comfort zone '. That is to mentally accept the temporary discomfort to move into a new state and create a successful trick. DISCOMFORT INDUCES RESISTANCE WARNING! Unable to overcome his own resistance alone, as well it is impossible to pull his hair out of the swamp … to a successful transition to a new state requires either an experienced partner, or mentor, or associates! Good luck! Irina Mihalitsina, trainer of personal achievements, tredprinimatel and Business Coach PS!! You dostigniet success many times faster if you find your "support group".


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