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Posted on | November 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Personal Life To

It is made solid with passing of the time and precious accumulation of experience. She uses to advantage the possibilities, but she evaluates the consequences well. One commands can mean a collapse nervous, if you will not be prepared. Whereas more time in the same position can make you to learn more, and until thinking if is not the case to move of professional address. Moreover, nobody knows tomorrow. Things that you hated to make the ten years behind can make the difference today. It weighs the things well and then it tries a movement in this chess. 6.

It keeps its Discrete Hopes Same for who do not know philosophy, must learn to see through the fog. Thus, exactly that its environment is punk (wants to say, in future) e, of breaking has that to work with bitter people, who complain of everything and all, searches perspectives. It uses the wisdom and it is contained, after all inside of the problems if they hide the learning chances. For worse that it is a situation, at least you accumulate some miles of resistance to the pressure and learn to manage conflicts, and to manage expectations. That is a super differential in other companies, for which you still go to pass.

. It cultivates the Tolerance and Resilience This is not concepts of ‘ ‘ new era’ ‘. It is a pragmatic factor and that you far will take, at least we will have plus a decent person in a world that seems to have lost its values. Nobody is equal to nobody and it does not make the things as you make. The excellency professionals are those that learn this how much before. To adapt it the changes and to understand the diversity are factor of prominence in the organizations. 8. It does not open Hand of its Personal Life To keep the focus in the career does not mean to open hand of its personal life.


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