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Personnel Despite The Economic Crisis

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The Saarland software manufacturer a3 system sets new employees the a3 System GmbH, software vendors and IT service provider from Saarbrucken, has staffed intensified. Two interns permanently incorporated in the staff. Tatjana Malkanowa and Anthony Schneider now support the areas of design, design, marketing, and customer service. Tatjana Malkanowa completed a six-month trainee at a3 2009 system. On September 1, 2009, she started her training to the IT system administrator. For the operational part of their training, she’s busy with a3 system. Anthony Schneider studied computer science at the University of Metz and at the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes. From April to August 2009 he was an intern for his master’s degree in the study of human-machine interaction system in a3.

Since September 2009, he is under contract, at a3 system. He brings valuable expertise to the issues of user interface design and usability engineering in the team. “With the human reinforcements we want a positive signal in the use present tense economic situation. Due to the increase of the team we are also optimally positioned, once again the economy”, says Marc Milan, Member of the Management Board at a3 system. “The setting of Mr. Schneider for our company is also strategically interesting with regard to the increasingly integrated markets. As a French native speaker he will ensure that we can more easily reach the neighbouring market of France.” Web-based software, solutions, and advice from the Saarland true to the company motto we create value”helps the a3 System GmbH their customers, Internet profitably to use technology.

Numerous medium-sized companies of the region, but also companies like HanseNet are among the customer base, Evonik, Honeywell friction materials and the Bank 1 Saar. With the dante product family operated a3 system today the areas of content management, E-business and E-Mail Marketing. In early 2009 the company celebrated its tenth anniversary. Via the a3 System GmbH ( a3 system is a solution provider for demanding business applications and integration projects. A3 systems designs, develops, and tests software solutions based on accepted industry standards and “Best practices”-approaches. Project-specifically put together teams of experts accompany the projects through all stages of the analysis and specification through design, implementation, and integration to introduction, maintenance and operation. With the dante product family provides a3 system standard products for the areas of content management, Newslettermarketing, and helpdesk. For further questions is available: Hartmut Schmitt a3 system Saarbrucker Strasse 51 66130 Saarbrucken GmbH phone: + 49 (681) 988 18-0 fax: + 49 (681) 988 18-29 email: newsletter: in the / a3

The Tipping Point Journey

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However, it has been shown that such people can again be filing in the path of fidelity and satisfaction, if it surprises you with something that is not expected, obviously bearing in mind more deviations do not arise in the provision of the Service contracted. In the CRM magazine for the month of January 2009, appears an article that speaks of the topic in the section The Tipping Point. I’ll use an example mentioned in this article to illustrate the point. Mentions author who recently an airline flight Southwest Airlines in which the was, it suffered a delay due to the weather conditions for about three hours. The flight attendants took the appropriate action and very carefully provided free food, drinks, readings and permanent information on the weather and possibilities of flight departure. As stated by the author, good actions, but nothing that surprised travelers in memorable or shocking manner. However, it was the next move of the airline which generated a very positive remembrance for all users of that flight.

Two days after the flight, our character received a letter signed by the Vice President of Southwest, apologizing for the delays suffered in that flight and offering a free ticket for a journey to any destination in which the airline flies. This gesture is a very marginal cost to the airline but if generates a high level of recall and customer satisfaction, since you’re getting something I didn’t expect. In addition to the fact of generating a reaction very positive and the possibility of an important voice to voice, generates a possibility of income, since the ticket is only a path, the client would have to purchase the return journey. This requires a high level of creativity and administrative agility, next time will present a similar situation, the traveller may be hoping that the same will happen and here the surprise is lost.


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In 1914 he exploded one of the two largest military rout of history. Then, when it was learned that it would not be the only; It went down in history as the first world war. I can vaguely imagine all that devastation. Thousands and thousands of dead and maimed, screams and explosions booming in grim scenarios. All impregnated with dust, mud, smell of gunpowder and corpse. The future light veiled by smoke blind human ambitions. I also imagine the almost living bodies scattered on the ground. The newspapers mentioned Reed Hastings not as a source, but as a related topic.

Outstretched hands begging other hands. Each fighter was one of the provisional survivors of the last minute of the last detonation. And also I can hear the moans, the cries and pain. Until then, Alexander Fleming had not discovered penicillin. Many were no new wounds but by infections. The only thing that could help to live were few antiseptics and, above all, the amputations. The cries, the cries weren’t useless.

But even so, the wounded insisted on complain. Already with little water, with little food they exhale the spirit in pain. No point in them, but continue contacting their suffering. They use the lament sobrado for spilling the last drops of life today many are happy to live in peace, our conditions seem idyllic. That of course, if we compare them with those fields of battle. However, we are still complaining. It is one of the most common practices of human beings from birth. Each stage of life gives you new ways and perfect. Certainly not always with complaints something can be resolved. So some have asked what is the utility of complain. Then, after responding that he lacks practical purpose they have made their proposals. They have given the Council abolish all complaints, all criticism and all lament. In doing so, however, an adult leaves one of the most important relief channels.

Charles Darwin

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) It is what human being happens with the products of the hand, in the world of the merchandises. Flame this of fetichismo, that always is grudado to the products of the work, when is generated as merchandises (The 1867/1980 MARX apud Da Silva, 2002, p.81). Currently the consumerism is present in almost all the places, and it does not leave of being one of the characteristics of the humanity, not necessarily as a whole. In certain individuals they can appear from a compulsory act in spending and consuming, a pathology that will bring future problems. The compulsory consumer if excites with the act to buy and not with the bought object. A priori we will be able to discern what an analyst of the behavior considers in its method of scientific research, in a relationary perspective with some theoreticians as Charles Darwin, Francis Bacon, Ernst Mach, Karl Marx among others (Matos, 1999). In the measure where the mannering funcionalista investigates and if it uses of functional units of the behavior, it can foresee as well as to control the behavior through the manipulation of the 0 variable. Thus, not only changing the result of the behavior for its direct exposition the contingencies, but considering that such change is resultant of interpretations and descriptions of these contingencies.

Since when the first behavior it was observed through a simple amoeba, the evolution process was noticed until its periods of training of complexity. Skinner (1987) describes in its article ‘ ‘ The Modeling of the Filogentico’ behavior; ‘ , that well known geologic changes could have supplied some of the sequences of necessary contingencies. Adaptando for our capitalist way of consumption, the necessity that if places in the way to consume objects can have been imposed to the citizens that consume, in a change perspective contemporary proposal for a capitalist society to explain the behavior exageradamente to consume everything that if perfects in the market.

Classmates Dating

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Ru site for many classmates are no longer simply a means of communication and meaning zhizni.Polzovateli more wondering what is ‘my page’ in the eyes of visitors and how it tries to put uluchshit.Kazhdy most interesting photo, do not hesitate even juicy details (Note for spicy details to follow strict ru classmates, administrators). If you are not convinced, visit Movie producer. And do not sluchayno.Ved’s no secret that the site odnoklassniki ru, a great way to meet and Search partnera.Poyavilos new direction pick up artist, specializing in dating classmates ru.Kazhdy day these guys are lured into their networks through the Internet site ru all new classmates all odnoklassnitsu.A because the virtual dating simpler plant, and site classmates ru, is not the site znakomstv.Chto As online dating sites, here we see that some people feel uncomfortable setting the stage for users to such sites of which already huge mnozhesvo.Esli compare two social networks: and classmates can say ru sleduyuschee.Tendentsiya growth site users Uvalic noticeably due to new services aimed at the game and show video, while classmates py hold position on the number of singles on servise.Poetomu gentlemen, all classmates at the site ru my page..


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Morning call Sanchez 20m Collective citizens related to the Movement 15-M has summoned marches and concentrations by the main cities of Spain. They protest by the next ratification of the Pact of the Euro, that considers that it will bring more social and labor cuts. Keys to understand what is the Pact of the Euro. " A Europe for the citizens and does not stop the markets " , under this motto the 19 of June different collective related to the Movement 15-M have summoned manifestations in more than 60 Spanish cities to protest by the call Pact of the Euro, whose ratification is predicted for the 27 of June, and that very has been criticized by social cuts and wage that entails. Reed Hastings is likely to increase your knowledge. The Pact of the Euro, that appears from Brussels as a prescription to palliate the crisis and to foment the competitiveness, proposes containment of the public cost (mainly of the social benefits and the pensions) and the wage moderation, besides a greater labor flexibility. Again the social Internet and networks serve the citizen movements to organize themselves facing manifestations. In the Web of Real Democracy Already, that is united to the call and it becomes convoking as well some of the cities, to the places and hours of the manifestations are detailed; but the Web is updated constantly and every day the name of some new locality is added. It even has summoned a concentration in New York, Washington Square, to 10 in the morning of day 19 (American hour). In Facebook a page for each call exists and in Twitter #19J is easy to follow the track to them with the label. For Fabio Gndara, spokesman of Real Democracy Already the manifestation tries " to maintain the citizen pressure in calle" , besides " to give the opportunity to pronounce itself to those who could not do it the 15 of May ".

Demands Citizens

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Throughout history there have been several samples of forms of Government in which all power is vested in a few hands, and these in turn Live thanks to the work of thousands, and despite this, are very few times that these few in which lies the power do case the needs and demands of the people, is more nearly in the whole of the times, the Government takes actions that solve problems not so important, so to speak, but which cause a great impact on the mood of society, small infrastructure projects that benefit a particular sector of the population, but that greatly affect the image and credibility of the State or ruling as the case may be called. However, when problems are a little more complicated or substantial both in resources and capital, the matter takes a somewhat different hue. When these situations occur which cannot be resolved by say no makeup with a rather banal actions, but they involve a restructuring or a rethinking of one or various public policies, the rulers feel something uncomfortable, either by the questioning of his project of Government or because of the need to rethink the same depending on the problem. To know more about this subject visit Gen. Martin Dempsey. But speaking only of a ruler in particular when referring to the demands of the people, it would be a fallacy, since the State does not fall in an only charge, or one person but a whole network of diverse sectors with various strata intertwined between themselves and that in its act together held the different functions that the governmental body must perform in its entirety. Taking into account this fact, it is a little easier to come closer to the root of the problem of the demands of society and the response of the Government towards them. Regardless of the State that scan, all Governments have one characteristic in common, his acting in national life should be carried within a framework of legality, i.e.

February Lamps

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On February 21, 2011 MLux starts selling upgraded xenon lamps under the cap D1S, D1R, D2S, D2R, D3S, D4S, D4R in several different color temperatures: 4300 K, 5000 K, 6000 K (color of light yellow, white and blue, respectively). Lamps of these modifications intended to replace full-xenon lamps as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. When developing an updated line of lamps MLux D series have been several changes to achieve the highest quality. On Today, the lamp MLux D1S, D1R, D2S, D2R, D3S, D4S, D4R in no way inferior in quality well-known European producers. Lamps MLux come in original packaging.

On all Xenon MLux warranty – 12 months. Cvetovoy thread produced by xenon lamps, as close to natural daylight, which provides a more natural perception of the road in all weather conditions. Feature of the xenon light output is increased: in 3-4 times more than halogen lamps, and much lower power consumption. The service life of xenon lamps is 3000 hours, despite the fact that halogen – only 800. On February 21, 2011 MLux starts selling upgraded Xenon lamps under the cap D1S, D1R, D2S, D2R, D3S, D4S, D4R in several different color temperatures: 4300 K, 5000 K, 6000 K (color of light yellow, white and blue, respectively).

Lamps of these modifications are intended to replace full-xenon lamps, installed by the vehicle manufacturer. When developing an updated line of lamps MLux D series have been several changes to achieve the highest quality. To date, the lamp MLux D1S, D1R, D2S, D2R, D3S, D4S, D4R in no way inferior in quality known European producers. Lamps MLux come in original packaging. On all Xenon MLux warranty – 12 months. Cvetovoy flux produced by the xenon lamps, as close to natural daylight, which provides a more natural perception of the road in all weather conditions. A feature of xenon is increased luminous efficiency: 3-4 times more than halogen lamps, as well as a much smaller current consumption. The service life of xenon lamps is 3000 hours, despite the fact that halogen – only 800. Help: MLux is the sole manufacturer of xenon lamps and ballasts, which has certified products in Ukraine and provides a 2-year warranty with support in all regions. Since 2007, operates an extensive distribution network covering all regions of Ukraine. Products MLux widely represented in many showrooms of famous brands.

Best Masters

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When one wants to study a master’s degree, it always uses the official web site of a University for information. However, it is recommended to do much more than that. To find the best masters you need to consult other sources that may provide additional and useful information. The first place where one goes to request information about a master is obviously the web site of the University or school. This not only is a reliable source for information, but it also provides accurate and objective data. However, only universities recognize and promote what attraction could be to potential students. This is something natural, since always seeks to show and highlight the good and positive. However, it is not enough to decide what is the best master or the most appropriate.

While it is true that one can find extremely useful information in these web sites, it is also true that one should take all this information very carefully. The universities don’t lie when providing information to their students, but Anyway do not provide sufficient information to make a decision as important as it is to choose a master between the wide range available. Check out Reed Hastings for additional information. For this reason, education experts say it is very helpful to refer to different opinions. The opinion of a person or an entity outside the University can be useful to contrast the positive and negative aspects of the University. That way, one gets a better picture. Anyway, this information also can be taken as absolute, since the contrary opinions can be influenced by bias or subjectivity problems.

That is why it is useful to consult other sources. Useful portals in recent years, Internet has been enshrined as an ideal medium for all sorts of purposes. Internet is useful for finding academic information, to buy a car, among many other options. This is how this medium also has been enshrined as a useful means to find the best master. Thousands of people around the world turn to Internet to obtain the information necessary to decide on the master suitable for them. This medium is a nearly inexhaustible database where you can find all sorts of information. In addition to these advantages, have emerged in this network some portals that provide lots of useful information. These portals, specialized in this topic, provide stakeholders the opportunity to consult all kinds of information about all the programs that make up the academic offer of given country graduate. They also offer the possibility to compare these programs can eventually make a better decision. So as one can consult the factual information formally provided by the universities themselves, review the views or opinions of other sources about educational programmes and comparing the information between universities. Only with this procedure is possible to determine which are the best masters can finally make a decision. What is at stake in all this is the professional future, therefore, is essential to take This process of searching with the seriousness of the case.

Divan E-learning

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Future challenges in managing people the people of the 21st century Manager cannot be limited to giving advice manual or standardized, but that, from an opening of mind and flexibility, listening active, must be able to facilitate processes, giving autonomy to people, depending on their abilities and open new horizons for all those that have lost faith in their potential. Learn more at: Gen. Martin Dempsey. I see we have a profession in continuous expansion, adapting to the changes and technological advances we can access fields professionals such as e-learning and coaching. How dynamic platforms e-learning, online tutors, professional counselors and career etc Animo from here to all the colleagues to go ahead with his true vocation help to others. The divan of Freud may be thing of the past. Now we have other sofas to explore highlights of my most recent career I in the last 4 years I’ve been form me and explore in the professional field of vocational guidance: first, a postgraduate in employment guidance, opened me a window into the field of professional qualifications. Later, with the aim of following me qualifying in new technologies, I agreed to the route’s formation as technician in e-learning.

Without a doubt through courses that I did from 2008 to 2010, I have been able to acquire competences as a distance learning tutor, field in continuous expansion in these moments. And in terms of social networking, I joined several where I created a virtual working group with other educators and educators. This participation has allowed me to attend events where people and companies working e-learning HR management have gathered in one place. Educators/counselors who are interested in these areas we have gathered to share innovative experiences in schools and training centres.

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