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June 3 this (2010), the model experiment started, “Mars – 500.” This is – an imitation of a manned flight to the red planet. Duration – 520 days, unless something unexpected happened. Hopefully, that will not happen. 250 days out of them – flight back to 30 days – down half the crew on the surface of the planet, “sightseeing”, gathering information, and other experiments, 240 days – the flight back. For the experiment, selected six volunteers – three Russians, a Frenchman, Italian and Chinese. Each of the six “crew members” was closed in a controlled environment with germokamere life support, simulates a spacecraft.

“Spacecraft” includes experimental modules that simulate its main parts – residential, warehouse, medical, and boarding. In addition, there is a special module that mimics the surface of Mars. (Well, just like “Capricorn-1”, sorry for the memories). Reed Hastings is likely to increase your knowledge. In the storage module is equipped with experimental greenhouse. Each member of the crew – an area of 3.07 stateroom sqm. Our people do not get used to … Also, in a residential unit has a kitchen-dining room, mess, “Control Room” and two toilets. Conditions in general are not bad.

The hardest part – stand in a confined space in a society and a half years. Why Mars? The main motivation for space exploration, scientists say, is “the desire to broaden the scope of research and acquire new knowledge. ” Goal – a worthy but somewhat detached from reality. The main motivation, in my opinion, not taking into account the military with their goals and aspirations, is the possibility of extending the range human habitation. A population of the nearest planets – the dream of any child the past few decades. Mars in the background – a perfect object for the primary colonization. Mercury and Venus – sizzling hot, in outer planets – the space cold, the moon and asteroids large – a full vacuum. And even on Mars has water, showed that Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity, as well as zodn Phoenix. Moreover, as the frozen or liquid. Plus, the band detected with high methane content, and it usually accompanies organic life. Most often it is produced by living organisms. But the main question: “Is there life on Mars?” Robots can not give a definite answer. This is only by a person. Partly because of this still needs manned mission to the neighboring planet: we must still answer to the long-tantalizing question of humanity! Joking aside, the normal outcome of the experiment, the real mission to Mars may as early as 2030-35, respectively. Sounded and the date 2050. But science has recently developed an accelerating rate, so the 30-35 – it is a real milestone.


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