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Posted on | August 6, 2016 | Comments Off on More Science

The ordinary mortals perhaps don’t understand about changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. Perhaps do not understand about the Mayan prophecies, or on other aspects of science that inform us about climate change or things like that. However, that does not lack when one wants to realise that, actually, something is happening in the land. The events that took place in Japan, lately, we again show the little tykes who we are in relation to what we believe to be, more prepared and organized that we are coping with natural disasters. Although we want to find a way of managing the planet, with projects such as the HAARP, which is intended to affect the climate, by manipulating the ionosphere, finally, we are not more than another element forming part of this planet. Beyond of our desires to control and to be omnipotent, we realize that we are far from being the true rulers of the planet, and do not seem to want to understand it.

We are part of nature, we are not owners of it. When nature us He wants to shake with his fury, leads us to those who touch us, we are good people or not. I think it is an important time to reflect on our relationship with the planet, and this need to do again and again until we change our mental chip and react. The other day, on facebook, there was a debate about bullfighting in Ecuador. They want to abolish it, and people complained that you removed the freedom to choose. I commented that it would be good to maintain the fair provided that animals have the same freedom that we choose to be there. Well, I fell hard saying how they can have free animals if, apparently, are not aware to choose. This idea of that we do have freedom seemed a reflection of the level of arrogance with which humans live.


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