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Mini Course

Posted on | July 22, 2016 | Comments Off on Mini Course

The name: to 1er. Mini-Course: How to construct your own solar paddle in casa". Its purpose of offering to the participants a special understanding of the possibilities to defeat the mentioned restrictions. At least to understand that alternativas&quot is energies; and we can and we must take advantage of them with our own hands. In this Mini Course we are remembering the philosophy of a System of Solar paddles from the basic concepts of the solar energy, reviewing which are the sources of the electrical energy and which the resources and components to implement one in our addresses, the field or the beach, where the rays of the Sun visit to us with their greater energy. We will learn to calculate the amount and quality of the solar paddles from its understanding of the solar cells, wiring, installation, maintenance to the electrical charges without having to be for it neither electronic electrician nor just by to have the natural impulse to take action. The times are already changing, somo we them protagonists.

Thus, we will be cleaning to planet and saving much money for benefit of the family. We remember once again then together that stops to construct our own Solar paddle in our house we must remember the following clear concepts: The solar energy The Sun is source natural energetics, nonpolluting and inexhaustible. It can, in the future next, to release to us of the dependency of petroleum and the other less safe resources (central thermal-nuclear and hydroelectric plants or natural gas). The weak point of this technology is the little solar radiation during the winter. The Sun and the wind not always are available to the necessity energetics of the moment but there are new currents that with binomial the molten salts and solar energy would be obtained the electrical energy until in long hours of absence of the star king.


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