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Jose Atinzar Journalist

Posted on | November 7, 2013 | Comments Off on Jose Atinzar Journalist

The young people need to have sufficient information and knowledge to value the consequences of their acts to have the option to choose. In Spain, the abortion was legalizeed in 1985, but it only allows itself in case it represents a risk the life and the health of mother, if the pregnancy were product of a violation or if the fetus registers one serious genetic malformation. The majority of the abortions has been carried out outside the public health, and the experts indicate that the privatization in fact of the interventions to interrupt the pregnancy contributes to increase its number. The majority of the women who decide to abort does it before the eight weeks of gestation. The reason that is behind the majority of the interruptions is the risk for the maternal health, (96.98%); followed of the risk for the fetus (2.83%).

Perhaps the assumptions are too ambiguous and leave vagueness margins. For that reason there is a basic social debate and one studies to review the law, but there are dates nor no concrete commitments. The abortion presents/displays a traumatic situation that leaves psychological sequels in the women. 22% of these women almost interrupted their pregnancy for the second time and 6% by third. With a greater educative support and advising in the own clinics and centers of familiar planning many of these interventions could be avoided. As far as the civil state, of more than one hundred thousand women whom they interrupted in 2006 his pregnancy of voluntary form, almost 70% of the women were unmarried; a 25%, married, the rest separated, divorced or widows. Near 13,000 they were less than 19 years old. Between the 20 and 29 years they had 26,000 of them and almost 31,000 had an age between the 30 and 39 years; 5,000 between 40 and 44.

In spite of the recommendations of the WHO to create specific centers of planning for young pairs, the Spanish report reveals that more than half of the women who aborted year the past they did not go to any. It will be necessary to insist on the necessary sexual education, in spreading prevention methods, the effective use of contraceptives and the convenience of relations healthy and responsible not to have to arrive until the abortion. In these cases, the ignorance is guilty. Maria Jose Atinzar Journalist ccs@


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