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Ito Village

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Later it passed amongst esparsos calcita mineral accumulations and lead, this place was called of ' ' Mineiros' ' , corruptela of ores. The posterior small farm called ' ' Brook of the Tijuco' ' , because it served in a great extension for Tijuco brook, that in tupi-guarani, barrento place. Later it comes ' ' Gritador' ' , because in determined badly-haunted nights one heard the shouts and the moans of the deceaseds. After ' ' Gritador' ' , &#039 very came a rich place in wood of called law; ' Cavina' ' , rare, today very almost extinct, this place passed if to call ' ' Cavinas' '. Already in the descending of the mountain range, the knight topava with many rocks without value, the mountain range and the small farm had been called ' ' Cristais' ' , today, ' ' Areado' '. Well next to Ribeira, the way arrived at the level of the river Ribeira with Tijuco in its bar, plain place the hillside of one high mountain, gave the name of &#039 there; ' Grande&#039 mount; '. Close to the Chapel of the Ribeira it had &#039 well; ' Fazenda' ' , a great space that was stop of the tropeiros for rest, today is the Ito Village. Finally the Chapel of the Ribeira was arrived, that had been built on the property ' ' Tororo' ' , that it means what is barulhento, rumorejante, sussurrante.

Of the Chapel of the Ribeira the tropeiro brought for Apia, the sorts of land produced and manufactured. In 1853, the Chapel of the Ribeira kept narrow commercial relations with the city of Castrates, in the State of the Paran, the linking was done for tracks opened under jurisdiction of the Chamber of Apia. In 1872, for the provincial law n 35, of 06 of April, was the town of Good Jesus of the raised Green Sugar cane to the category of clientele with the name of Ribeira.


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