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Income Production

Posted on | June 7, 2016 | Comments Off on Income Production

The soccer is played every day in the village, the indians until makes use of all the necessary esportivos materials as: meio; chuteira; official caneleira, balls; etc. The soccer in this analysis becomes an object of sufocamento of the culture aboriginal, since, is an activity that occupies a great space of time in the village and mobilizes almost that all the tribe, whereas the traditional activities as canoagem and arc and arrow already do not have same the esteem on the part of asurin. Carlos Terena evidences the question of the soccer enters the indians in the following deposition: in the truth, the soccer does not add nothing for our culture, needs to make with that the soccer is not changedded into our culture. We still need to argue on another source related to the free time, the half-free or half-cio time. The halfones is characterized for the inclusion of the obligatoriness or at least of certain a meaning obligator, but for it not to be economically income-producing, as it is the work.

It enters the activities of half-cio between asurin, we can cite the familiar obligations and the practical ones of xamanismo, that is, religious rituals. The interesting one when analyzing is that the traditional activities have a character of obligation in the half aboriginal, since, is necessary that they are practised so that the traditions do not disappear, that is, they are not made only simply for pleasure. Already the activities of the white man are practised with leisure spirit, exactly for not having obligator character and being unfastened of its traditions. This dichotomy between half-cio cio and in the Asurin tribe is a subject that can not seem excellent, but is of extreme importance for the preservation of the customs and the aboriginal culture leaving of the valuation of this culture for the proper indian. FINAL CONSIDERAES the discrimination and cultural preconception are, despite many of us let us not perceive more alive of what never in our society, since the media, the communication systems, shows a reality that does not exist established in the narrow linking between the white man and the man indian.


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